Bank on Your Cash Value
Unless you like paying interest and fees and being manipulated by banks and financial institutions, you need to learn how to Bank on Your Cash Value.
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                                                                       Jorge Herrera, Basic Author

You need to be really comfortable and understand why you should implement this process; take a look a the following videos:

Hidden fees in your 401K you did not know about:

More on hidden fees in your 401K:

Little more on 401K fees:

Learn about the advantage of setting yourself up to bank for yourself.


An analysis of the different tools that can be used for banking and the selection of the best one to use for it.

You can also visit this web sites and confirm why you should implement this process:   Barry Dyke has done a fantastic job in his book "Pirates of Manhattan" exposing the truth about how government officials and big banks and financial corporations have continuously abused the American people. You do not want to miss his library of videos.

I have more related information in my original web site

To find out if you qualify to Bank on Your Cash Value,
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Get information from the creator of the concept Nelson Nash  I gathered a few books that you might like to read. 

**Videos en Español**

Que es el Concepto del Banco Infinito? 

Por que debe crear usted un banco personal?

Como crear su propio banco?

El Problema Economico

Dinero, Reserva Federal y Bancos Centrales

Prestamos de Reserva Fraccionaria


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