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Unless you like paying interest and fees and being manipulated by banks and financial institutions, you need to learn how to Bank on Your Cash Value.
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Dear Jorge,


I don’t recall where I first came in touch with the Infinite Banking Concept.  But something intrigued me enough to buy the book “Becoming Your Own Banker” by Nelson Nash.  It was a real education, and to learn how to build our own personal bank and use it for personal and business purposes was real exciting.  I had a lot of questions that needed to be satisfied before I would be persuaded that it was a good idea to invest in this.  I kept looking for things in the concept that were flaws, but I never did find any.  I finally decided to contact some people to get more in depth knowledge and to see if I could get answers to my many questions.



I contacted a number of people.  One was an accountant that just did the Infinite Banking Concept for people. He was within an hour’s drive of me which made him very convenient to go talk to.  He was a nice gentleman and I thought he would be a good choice to setup my own bank because he was an accountant.  He showed me a scenario of what the system would look like if I invest so much in it each year.  He gave me a contract to sign and sent me on my way.  He never did a follow up until almost 6 months later.


I also contacted Jorge Herrera and Peter Garcia, these gentlemen answered all my questions until I was totally satisfied that this was for me and I understood it well enough to make a sensible decision. They followed up to make sure I understood how this could benefit our family; they created numerous scenarios so I could see the projected outcomes.  They are definitely very good at explaining and helping you to implement the Infinite banking Concept.  I felt totally comfortable with them.  They have continued to be very helpful even after I set up my own bank.  All this was accomplished even though we are more than 20 hours drive time apart, it did not keep us from communicating about the Infinite banking Concept.  I look forward to some day meeting them both.  Thanks gentlemen for sharing this valuable information.


Rick Waller

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