Bank on Your Cash Value
Unless you like paying interest and fees and being manipulated by banks and financial institutions, you need to learn how to Bank on Your Cash Value.
A Misunderstood Concept
Bank on your Cash Value is the process that brings to action the combination of sound economic principles with tax laws plus Insurance contractual protection and guarantees.

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          Jorge Herrera, Basic Author             

Confused with present economic turmoil? 

The sky is fallen... Stocks, real estate, mutual funds, 401k, IRA, investments going south?

Losing your hard earned money you were putting aside for your retirement?

Not knowing what to do to protect your money, your future?

Where can I go to find an answer?

Lets stop here first! You need to leave your old thinking at home for a moment. Let's concentrate in understanding the problems that exist with the way we were taught to manage our money, the way we save (if we save any), and the way we buy our things.

We need to change that, we need to start using methods that benefit us and not the Banks, Financial institutions and Government.

At this time you might be familiar with the controversial process promoted by Infinite Banking Concept ™ , Bank On Yourself ™ , Becoming Your Own Banker™. 
There, by using a chastised and misunderstood
type of life Insurance, it is possible to change the direction of your money flow from going away from your pockets and into the banks and financial industry coffers, to flow back to your pockets.

When you finance your own needs and wants like, cars, vacations, school tuition, repair projects etc. Using the capital accumulated as cash value in your life insurance, instead of conventional credit cards and banks, you reverse the
process and  put to work a powerful and proofed strategy used now by thousands of individuals that follow the Infinite Banking Concept.
This is easier said than done or explained because I am talking about a kind of permanent life insurance that has many enemies due to ignorance or convenience.

I am talking about a very special type of whole life insurance policy, designed actually backwards than what 95% of life insurance agents and financial planners are familiar with. It is improved with an array of riders and unique features that turbo charge this policy to efficiently
grow your cash value and death benefit, solving at the same time many concerns you might have * as you use it to finance your needs.
*(Lack of a proper way to: pay for college, build a retirement fund, get out of debt, leave family members with a monetary an intellectual legacy, estate leverage tool for excise taxes, etc.)

You can probably appreciate here two radical differences:

1-This is a life, not a death insurance policy. You will be able to use this policy as a pivotal support for most of your financial needs and while you use your cash value to make your life easier on emergencies and opportunities or just regular consumer needs (cars, vacations), and pay yourself the same way you would be paying your credit card or the loan you took from a financial institution, you increase the amount of your death benefit and cash value very quickly.

2- You are encouraged to use banking since you have access to your money without restrictions and penalties and due to the fact that the repayment of loans produces an accelerating growth of the cash value and death benefit; in other words not using the banking feature results in less than optimum performance.


So when your financial planner or insurance agent tells you: stay away from cash value life insurance, it doesn't work! Understand this…WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE SAME THING; THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW THE INFINITE BANKING CONCEPT, BANK ON YOURSELF WORKS. (When the average insurance agents talk about life insurance, they might as well call it death insurance since the type of policy they promote only works when you die.)

So… Where do you go to learn if this process actually works? How can you obtain the right information to set up your own personal banking system and get your properly designed type of life insurance policy?
There are a few professionals across the nation (I am one of them) working hard to convey this message to people looking for the right solution to this present mess the country is in.

One thing that make us apart, in particular myself is that we are very passionate about it and we have devoted months, even years to learn the intricate details of how the Infinite Banking Concept and or Bank on Yourself process actually works; in my case, I became a user of the process before I even decided I was going to make it my mission to share this beautiful concept with whoever had an open mind and an interest on learning to implement it.

Do you want the details? And want to know if this concept/process is for you? Can you actually qualify to do this?
I did not mention it before but there is a qualification criterion:
  • First, - you must love someone, because if you don’t why bother going to the process.
  • Second, - You must be disciplined, because if you are not, you can break the process; it is hard to break it but it can be broken by not following the rules.
  • Third,- You must accept that this is not a magic pill to solve your problems overnight, but rather a proven process that works more efficient as time passes; in other words, this is a medium/long term strategy that will help you address many of your concerns and will allow you to help yourself, your children and so on.
  • Fourth,- You must be open minded because we have been fed for many years with immediate gratification propaganda much more appealing to the human nature but we are looking at the results of it,(present economic chaos).
Fifth,- You must take action.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is now.


Why should you bank on your cash value? What is in it for you?
1- You will earn interest plus dividends on you money in a no risk account (policy) that grows tax free.
2- You will have immediate access to an emergency fund equivalent to 90 to 94% of your initial premium.
3- You will get protection for your loved ones from the moment the account (policy) is active.
4- You will get on going support to make this process very effective to build wealth.

Why should you believe?

1- More than 100,000 Americans are doing it.
2- The companies we work with have fulfilled promises (paid interest plus dividends) for over 100 years.
3- Our preferred company to work with is one of the 10 financially strongest companies in the world and rated so by the most known rating agencies. 

You do not need to learn how to Bank on your Cash Value (IBC) IF... 

1- You did not lose in stocks 
2- Your mutual funds have not lost value 
3- Your house have kept going up in value every year
4-You have easy access to credit at most banks
5-Your savings grow every year tax-free and protected from legal suits
6-You have a retirement account (IRA,SERP,SEP,etc.) with immediate, no penalty, no limited access to the money in it
7-You have a plan to recapture the cost of your big purchases, plus the cost of financing and the inefficiency of your inventory and equity
8-You have Life Insurance that you do not need to renew, covers you for life, gives you option to Long Term Care protection and you have access to your cash value any time you need it without restrictions.

Think about it…

To find out if you qualify to Bank on your Cash Value, fill the form and I will send you a financial questionnaire:

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After you send back your completed financial questionnaire, I will review it and prepare a scenario showing the positive effect you will experience over time after you implement it. I might contact you for clarification on your information.

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