Bank on Your Cash Value
Unless you like paying interest and fees and being manipulated by banks and financial institutions, you need to learn how to Bank on Your Cash Value.
About me 
                                       Jorge Herrera, Basic Author

My name is Jorge Herrera and I am a passionate promoter of the Infinite Banking Concept™ , Bank on Yourself™ .

I stumble on the Infinite Banking Concept, (Bank on Yourself concept) at the end of 2006 when I was looking for a good way to manage, grow and protect a few bucks that I profit from selling a real estate investment. 

I opened my first policy(bank) at that time.
When I realized how good this concept was I got into learning mode and the more I learned the more I liked it.
I then opened two more banks and got to a point that I decided I had to help people use this process.

In 2007, I became licensed to legally promote the Infinite Banking Concept (Bank on your cash value), to teach people how to solve many problems and concerns we face in modern times like:

  • How to have enough money to retire comfortable.
  • How to protect and grow our hard earned money.
  • How to pay for children education.
  • How and what kind of life insurance to have.
  • How to put aside an emergency fund, etc. 

Those and many more issues are addressed by setting up your own personal banking system using the strategies promoted by the Infinite Banking Concept and Bank on Yourself process.

Prior to this turn in my life I spent about 10 years in the real estate field and acquired a real estate broker license, mortgage broker license and was registered as trainee appraiser.

You can learn from the previous paragraph that I like to learn concepts the right way and help people achieve dreams.

A little bit about my personal life: I have been happily married to my beautiful and lovely wife Rosa, for more than 28 years and adore my three children: Sandra, Hernando and David.

Contact Jorge at 954-343-8747 and or

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